Remote Court Reporting

Remote Videoconference Depositions

No Additional Charge


 After deposition confirms, send all participants e-mail addresses and phone numbers (optional).


 * Please email exhibits to all participants requiring the exhibits prior the deposition. We don’t distribute exhibits to anyone else. The court reporter will NOT be able to share the exhibits on the screen, as they will be taking down the record.


The VC meeting is scheduled once the deposition confirms, usually one or two business days before the deposition.

We send an invitation link to all participants with  basic instructions.

*TESTING.  The court reporter will be present 30 minutes prior to the VC deposition start time to test your equipment.


We have paid accounts.

“Meetings” have a password embedded into our invite link.

You enter a “waiting room.”  The court reporter admits participants.


* Keep exhibits clearly identifiable. For example, you may send exhibits in .pdf format, as A, B, C, or Plntf1, Plntf2, etc.

The court reporter can mark exhibits before, during or after the deposition.


Please contact our office ahead of time if you would like to learn how to share your screen during the deposition. Some attorneys might have the need to share exhibits this way.


Once tested, participants can wait, leave the meeting and sign back on at the scheduled deposition time, mute their mic and turn off the video, or they can go into a breakout room and join in when everyone else is ready.

*If you have been using a VC platform and are comfortable with it, you can arrive remotely 10 minutes early.


Under the circumstances, remote depositions are an EXCELLENT alternative!

We would LOVE to help you  start using remote videoconferencing to keep moving depositions forward!


We can do a demo for you or anyone in your office so you can see what it’s like and check your connections. We can schedule a time that is convenient for you. Call us! 

Note on Video Recording: If any party plans to record the Zoom deposition, all parties must agree. Please note that if you plan to use the video recording for trial or hearing, you will need a videographer who can sync the video to the transcript.


SRS values your business, and we will work with you to make things as seamless as possible!

Rosina Seymour, RPR, CR No. 50212

Owner/Managing Court Reporter – Registered Reporting Firm No. R1000